Real Estate for sale in Carazo - Nicaragua

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  • Price: $19.194.600
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This stunning beachfront property on Nicaragua's Pacific Coast boasts 6,512 meters of coastline and holds immense potential for both tourism and residential development. With an approved environmental permit for Phase 1, it's primed for growth.

Its strategic location provides a unique advantage, situated closer to Managua and its international airport, compared to popular destinations like Tola and San Juan del Sur. Nestled at the northern edge of these sought-after spots, the property combines proximity with appeal.

Ideal for upscale eco-tourism and residential projects, the property aligns perfectly with the Chacocente Wildlife Refuge, potentially drawing visitors to a future hotel. With two-thirds of the property within the Refuge, residents can enjoy a serene, secure living experience while safeguarding the unspoiled beauty.

Encompassing size, an advantageous location, and remarkable attributes, this property offers an immersive customer experience emphasizing safety and privacy. The Wildlife Refuge, known for its turtle nesting beach, holds allure for both hotel guests and real estate buyers, ensuring enhanced occupancy and profitability. With over eight kilometers of coastline and seven approved tourism zones, it harmoniously blends entertainment and tranquility.

The site's topography offers stunning panoramic views, and its numerous surf breaks cater to Nicaragua's tourism preferences. Divided into five parcels, including Peñoncito, Veracruz, Punta de Piedra, Lomas de Punta de Piedra, and Blue Sky, each segment offers unique features such as coastlines, hills, and planned development zones.

Ideal as environmental project for reforestation and other ecological initiatives to add to the prestige of the existing turtle reserve and scientific center.

In summary, this beachfront gem presents an unprecedented opportunity for lucrative development in a thriving location.